Desk Top Hygrometer

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Is there a more tedious struggle than your adhesive working against you, due to your work environment?

We understand this stress and we've got you covered!

Our new Ascent Beauty digital hygrometer measures the air temperature and moisture, helping you regulate your room so your glue performs well in your workspace conditions.

This minimalist hygrometer enables you to continuously track humidity levels and stay in control of your lash environment. Using a hygrometer will help you maintain the optimal conditions and avoid that stress of your glue not working ideally! 

Ascent Beauty digital hygrometer is lightweight and portable, making it suitable for mobile beauty professionals. This device is a must-have acquisition for estheticians who strive to leave their clients happy by optimizing their work environment, providing a best result for your clients.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Light and portable
  • Easy to read, set up, and use
  • Can be placed on a table or a wall
  • Ideal for monitoring and regulating the room temperature & humidity
  • Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 1.8  F
  • Temperature measurement resolution 0.2*F
  • Humidity Measuring accuracy +/- 5%RH
  • Humidity Resolution 1%
  • 12/24 hour clock with alarm

Product Details

Works with regular carbon batteries AAA 1.5V (not included)

Color: White