Ascent Beauty's story starts in 2014, driven by a zest to create lashing products of the highest quality and help lash artists with the most common challenges they encounter at work. Every item that joins our beauty line is carefully chosen after extensive research and testing.

My lashing journey began in January 2012, when I started lashing out of a room in my home. I grew my clientele and was fully booked with clients. I decided the only way to grow, was to open a lash spa. I opened my first lash spa in December 2017. It was so successful it ranked #7 of the Top 20 lash salons in the US by Yelp, in December 2022!

I started the research and development of Ascent's products in 2014. I decided to sell the Spa in December of 2022 to focus on Ascent Beauty.

I used my lashing experience to collect valuable insights, practices, methods, and knowledge about the industry. A decade later, Ascent Beauty became the embodiment of that expertise. 

Ascent Beauty offers top-quality products for lash professionals, estheticians, cosmetologists, spa owners, and makeup artists. Our goal is to set a new industry standard and consistently develop beauty items, devices, and services anchored in excellence, commitment, and genuine care for customers. 

We spent a decade testing products and identifying the most pressing challenges lash professionals and estheticians struggle with. Ascent Beauty is the answer to those struggles.

Besides creating the best beauty and lash items at competitive prices, we're passionate about educating new lash artists. Our mission is to stay ahead of emerging trends, continuously source inspiration from our customers, and develop products worthy of their trust.

Yours Truly,

Ascent Beauty