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Curl C

Length 8mm

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These lashes are perfect for the pinch method, but not great for on the strip fan making, unless you use a double sided piece of tape. That's why they are on sale! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Our loss is your gain! The lashes themselves are BEAUTIFUL, matte and dark! 

Give your clients the full, dramatic lash look they’re craving with Ascent Beauty’s Volume Lash Extensions. Whether you’re new to lashing or an advanced artist, our Volume Lashes are lightweight and made perfectly for creating beautiful fans. They are available in a variety of curls, lengths and thickness for creative customizations, letting your artwork exceed your clients’ expectations! With Ascent Beauty’s true black lashes, you can craft the perfect lash set to suit your clients’ lash desires!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Creates a fuller and fluffier lash line
  • True black lashes without the blue hues
  • Not transparent in bright light, a true opaque black color
  • Retains their curl, will not straighten on the client with wear
  • Easy to pick up off the strip
  • Foil-backed strips provide easy and clean removal from tray
  • Superior lash retention compared to other lash extensions, when applied properly
  • Adds natural darkness to the lash line for a full mascara effect
  • Cruelty Free& Vegan

How to use

  1. Ensure the eyelash area is clean and free from dirt and makeup.
  2. Using volume tweezers, prepare lash fans according to your preferred method.
  3. LIGHTLY dip the tip of the lash fan into the adhesive, barely touching the center of the glue dot and apply onto isolated natural eyelash. Hold steady to secure adhesion. Once placed, do not wiggle or adjust the lash. This can cause retention issues if you're using a fast drying glue (caused by the glue and not our lashes).
  4. Apply fans to every (properly isolated) natural eyelash.
  5. Use a clean mascara wand to brush through the lashes to check styling.
  6. Dry lashes for 3 minutes and apply a Super Bonder. Dry again for 1 minute.

Product Details

Curl: C, CC, D, LC, LD, M
Thickness: .07mm
Length: 7mm-20mm individual lengths or mixed trays available

Made in Korea