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There’s no need to let your clients wait 24 hours for their lash extension adhesives to fully cure before they can get it wet, let Ascent Beauty’s Super Bonder do the curing job in just 3 minutes! 

Our Super Bonder works by instantly polymerizing the lash extension glue without shock curing, locking in the fumes from the adhesive, which greatly reduces irritation and sensitivity. It also adds elasticity to the lash extension bonding points and ensures the bonds don’t break off easily, resulting in improved adhesion and longer wearing for your clients’ gorgeous lash extensions.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Doesn't cause burning when applied
  • Accelerates curing to 3 minutes
  • Can increase lash extension retention by 30%
  • Reduces irritations and allergic reactions
  • Enhances the elasticity of the adhesive
  • Clients can use heated environments & get their lashes wet after 3 mins
  • NO MORE waiting 24 hours to shower or cleanse the lashes
  • Vegan
  • Animal cruelty-free   
  • TIP: Use the bonder on your glue dot when it's done being used, to fast cure the dot, so you & your client aren't breathing the off gases of the adhesive you're no longer using on your tray.

How to use
  1. Wait for 3 minutes after attaching the eyelash extension. Dry with a lash fan to assist.
  2. Apply super bonder onto a micro brush and wipe over eyelash adhesive bonding points.
  3. Air dry/fan dry for 1 minute, then allow to cure for 3 minutes before getting it wet.

Product Details

Color: Clear liquid

Customer Reviews

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JoAnn E.
Doesn't sting and bonds quickly!

Clients can open their eyes immediately after I apply this without any burning! My clients and I both noticed better retention after using this product! Must have!