Moisture Free Glue Storage Containers

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Ascent Beauty's Moisture Free glue storage is an ideal place for storing your adhesive bottles after a demanding day of lashing. The containers can fit three bottles in an upright position, ensuring they're ready to perform as expected when you start your next workday, without moisture or light destroying it, or it hardening in the cap from storing it on it's side. 

The storage protects your investment by promoting your adhesives longevity, quality, and efficacy.

Key features & benefits

  • Saves you from wasting glue
  • Provides an ideal moisture-controlled environment when used with Dessicant Sticks
  • Ensures an airtight seal

Product details:

Fits up to three bottles of any shape

Offers 100% protection from humidity

*DO NOT store your primer with your adhesive. This is cause your adhesive to harden in the bottle.