Crystal Glue Trays

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Ascent Beauty's collection of Crystal Glue Trays are absolute must-haves for lash artists, novices and professionals alike. These chic crystal trays are critical for keeping lash glue cool, keeping it from curing too quickly during lash application or when making lash fans. Designed to hold eyelash extension glue and eyelash fans, these crystal trays have a smooth, non-porous surface for easy cleaning, and are crafted to be heavy enough to stay put on any surface during lash work.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reusable
  • Beveled edges for safe handling
  • Smooth surface for easy clean-ups
  • Prevents premature curing
  • Can be used as an eyelash base tray

How to Clean

Soak in acetone then rinse off with soap and water.


Product Details

Material: Crystal glass